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Purpose Built Web Design That Generates Into Qualified Sales

Web Design with Results

Making 8 is an enterprise SEO marketing agency in Calgary offering custom web design services to businesses that are looking for search engine friendly sites with purpose. Our platforms of choice are WordPress and Shopify. Our search engine ready custom websites are user-friendly, scalable, navigable, responsive, and easily updated in real-time like a Word document. Best of all, unlike most companies, we keep your site current with all security updates and fast-loading hosting used by Fortune 500 companies at very affordable prices. When we say we take care of our clients we mean it.

All our custom-built websites are integrated with our Technical SEO Audit so that your site is built with the foundation for targeted leads, market-directed design, and relevant searchers. Our sites focus on the UX (User experience) of visitors and their needs, as search engines are also now heavily focused. There are simply too many sites out there to attract any business without a highly targeted content strategy and SEO plan built into every site. Your clients have specific needs, and we build our sites to make their experience great.

These custom-built websites come with web analytics so that you can immediately start recording your marketing campaign’s success and the essential business intelligence to maximize ROAS (Return On Ad Spend). Whether your focus is a custom company website or e-commerce platform we can help.

WordPress Web Design Services

We generally work with WordPress because it’s used by SMB to Fortune level companies. It’s an agile CMS (Content Management System) that our customers can login to make quick edits. WordPress accounts for over a third of all websites online, which means if you want to make changes, it’s going to be your best bet. When it comes to adapting to the quick changes of Google WordPress is extremely SEO-friendly but definitely requires optimization out of the box to compete in today’s knowledgeable marketplace. We’re able to cost-effectively build our clients’ sites so that we can devote more time to the most important aspects of the site which drive sales leads through content. Without a solid web content strategy, no site is successful.

 How Much Does a Website Cost?

Our custom-tailored websites start at as little as $6,250 which is the fraction of the cost of monthly  ad spend for most successful businesses. To send customers to a page that doesn’t represent you well or worse uses the wrong language instead of what people actively use to find product services offerings like yours is a mistake. The ideation of site concepts, market research, wire framing, meetings with clients, brand controls, implementation of copywriting, and optimization of the site takes a little bit of time. All our websites are completely built from scratch. We do not use templates and create purpose-built designs just for you.

A website is a polished sales tool that never messes up the conversation and represents your company 24/7/365 a year. It’s important to put your right foot forward and even if you don’t like something with one of our website design content management systems you can easily update in real-time. It’s next to impossible to setup a basic builder site now and expect to get any business without a serious strategy which we build into every site. 

At Making 8 we don’t just build websites, we build your company’s presence from the ground up with an integrated content strategy and built in keywords to help you start climbing search engine rankings from day one. The difference between our sites and the typical web designer is we integrate search optimization and UX (User Experience) into every design for the highest conversion rate possible. Every single page is custom built and designed completely with your customer in mind for each service you offer.

We work very closely with our clients in the content strategy to ensure the content reflects you and your business with our SEO copywriting service. If you’re looking to get a website built with strong ROI, and an asset to help your company grow then start with Making 8.

Website Speed Optimization Service

We’re experts at speeding up websites like WordPress often upwards of 50-75%. If you’ve recently got a report back that your site is slow we can help. The reality is while there are plugins to fix page speed most of it is done in the site code itself.  Everything from code, images, font, to web hosting, can cause absolute havoc on your website page speed. You can check your site speed health at the following 3 sites which will show you a ton of technical on-page issues and things holding your site back from showing up on Google first:

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