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Data Science  Analysis and Tools

Advanced web analytics and marketing science is one of the reasons why the top 500 sites online continue to maintain their top online website presence. Over 40% of companies online don’t know where their internet revenue is generated, lost, and where their visitors are coming from because they don’t have any web analytics tools on their website. Fortunately, we use comprehensive tools sets that you can easily share with your peers that are easy to understand.

Web analytics tools allow you to collect, measure, analyze, and report specific internet data for comprehensive business and market research. Google Analytics® use real-time web intelligence based on focused KPI (Key Performance Indicators) that are actionable. Web analytics allows you to see the number of visitors, time spent on-site, click path and sales funnel of visitors to give you the data to improve conversions. Web analytics and marketing science is one of the primary reasons we’re able to continually demonstrate client ROAS (Return On Ad Spend), ROI (Return On Investment), and overall relevant website traffic.

The top 500 websites online have been identified to have one or more web analytics tools. Using marketing science tools, web analytics, heat mapping, multivariate, and split A/B testing we are able to provide our clients with comprehensive web intelligence. These informative web reports have the actionable data to continue expanding market growth and in most cases considerable savings. Having a managed marketing science and web analytics campaign by a web analyst at Making 8 gives your company the business intelligence to continuous improvement.

How We Use Data Science and Analysis To Rank Higher on Search Engines

We use intelligence to gather comprehensive analysis from companies globally to give business the edge with the exact terms used on top ranking websites to integrate into our SEO copywriting services. All our content is created with data driven decision making and the consumer’s need in mind.

Demonstrated ROAS From Your Marketing Budget

Making 8 installs web analytics on all websites built by us. Web analytics and Marketing science is an integral part of our internet marketing process. We measure actual conversions such as form fills and phone calls so you know exactly where your returns are coming from. All managed SEO and SEM campaigns by Making 8 use advanced marketing science and web analytics tools by one of our accredited Web Analysts. Conversion Rate Optimization and landing page optimization is a major part of our strategies in building your success. At Making 8 we strongly value being accountable to our clients, investing in the best marketing tools, and continuous learning so you grow as we grow. Making 8 is part of the Web Analytics Association and a strong part of the web analytics community.

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