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Search Engine Optimization Services

Your business reflects you 24/7/365; if you aren’t talking about your product service offerings, someone else is. As fellow business owners, we understand the value of getting your site at the top of a Google or Bing search. You need more than appearing on search engine rankings – you want a website experience that wows and turns visitors into customers.

SEO Services Put Your Business in Front of Customers

Making 8 Inc. has introduced customers to companies with search engine optimization for over 14 years. Our SEO agency is proud of our exemplary optimization services. We have helped put many businesses, large and small, on the map. We can do this with local SEO or widen your reach as a go-to professional in your field with international SEO. Search engine optimization provides fast and meaningful results and gives you a high return on your investment.

SEO services get your business attention from prospective clientele. Whether starting your company, relaunching a business with a fresh look, or wanting to reinvigorate your website’s ability to generate leads, you could benefit from contacting our SEO company. Using digital marketing strategies, we can improve your website’s showing on search engine results.

Our in-house team of SEO specialists will help you develop a strategic marketing plan to reach your goals, utilizing any of our services. We create a blueprint for your business site and use proprietary tools to attract readers’ attention for the online presence you want. Once you unveil your new or improved image, you can also track the results of our collaborative SEO campaign over time.

Attribution is essential to us – you should be able to see how our services helped you reach and exceed your goals. Our SEO packages are customizable to provide the services and pricing you need. You get to be as involved and informed as you wish at any given time. You also have the bonus of the support and advice of in-house SEO experts.

We Take Pride in Our Full-Service SEO Company

We are proud of our high-quality SEO work at Making 8 Inc. and value integrity in our business practices. Our analytics experts update you on your successes and provide up-to-date SEO strategies to meet your business needs. We practice what we preach and are transparent in our dealings with our clients.

Our full-service, white-glove treatment allows you to customize your website’s online experience to meet your customer’s needs. Look at the SEO services Making 8 Inc. provides, and contact us to get started on your plan today.

Local SEO Strategies That Draw Potential Customers From Your Area

Although situated in Calgary, Making 8 Inc.’s SEO team can provide premium ranking results for directory listings in your city, no matter its location. You will want to ensure that your local business is the first thing customers see when doing Google searches with our local SEO services.

Finding what they need in their backyard is a selling point for many shoppers. Local customers often intend to buy, and you want this pre-qualified clientele to see your page. Our local business optimization services will land you right on their map.

We will increase your ranking as the go-to expert in your area using our proven local SEO.

Enterprise SEO Raises Organic Traffic and Online Visibility

Enterprise mid to Fortune 200 companies can benefit from our SEO marketing strategy. While some of our clients operate out of Canada, most are international conglomerates with global reach. We will help you establish and maintain your online presence and word-of-mouth recognition as an industry leader. Our optimization know-how will help your company appear in your field’s top search engine rankings.

International SEO Grows Your Worldwide Reach

We optimize your site’s pages to target regional languages with hreflang, allowing your website to outrank others in Google searches for your targeted area of the globe. Our scope is broader than North America or Europe; we can assist with your building your online presence anywhere in the world. We will tailor your website for a positive user experience in your target global market.

On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO Build Your Authority in Your Field

Also called on-site SEO, on-page optimization refers to improving your pages’ performance to attract organic traffic. Making 8 Inc. optimizes the elements of your site, such as headlines, content, and internal link building. We establish your expertise and authority on your particular services in the eyes of Google’s algorithms. Having authority raises your profile in online search results and communicates your trustworthiness to potential customers.

Off-page SEO is optimizing your webpage’s authority using third-party backlinks. Good on-site SEO means your website can have other companies’ sites link to you as a trusted source (good off-page SEO. Again, this helps to strengthen your business’s online reputation.

Keyword research and following market trends are ways we help you stay ahead of your competition. Our SEO campaign aims to showcase you as a leading voice in your industry and make your brand a household name.

Technical SEO Attracts Google and Clientele

Technical SEO is a form of on-page SEO as we appeal to Google through your webpage. Our regular website audits ensure you rank well in online searches to meet your desired results.

Our technical SEO audits use tools, including Google Analytics, to examine all elements on your webpage, from the content to the site architecture. We then address any issues that keep you from being a top search result. Our expert analysts are very familiar with search engine algorithms. They will provide you with SEO strategies to improve your online visibility and visitors’ user experience.

You want your site to appeal to both your potential customers and Google. Our SEO team will help you actualize this goal.

Content Creation and Marketing Services Connect You to Your Audience

You will receive current, topical content pieces for your site, including targeted keywords pulled from specialized keyword research. If your website ranks high on search engine results because of targeted rich content that aligns with consumer needs, it will generate new leads for your business.

Our SEO copywriters work with our SEO experts to recommend revisions or rewrites made to various media. We can provide the product page content needed for e-commerce SEO or informational pieces to build off-page SEO.

Our SEO agency copywriters create content that aligns with user needs and search intent, so you end up with pre-qualified customers. Educated customers return fewer items, are more likely to buy, and tend to spend more. Getting SEO copywriting services means growing and saving money concurrently!

Our content team will pair with you to broadcast your story to your target audience. Both Google and your clientele will appreciate the human touch our writers bring to your content that AI cannot provide. SEO results suggest we cannot overstate the relatability factor: Personal experience is a convincing converter.

Web Design and Development to Complement Your SEO Strategy

Making 8 Inc. can help you update the look of your company website to be streamlined, attractive, and, most of all, effective. Your site should look great if it appears in all the Google searches. Our web development team will optimize your website technically and visually for a great user experience that makes customers out of your visitors.

We offer web design services to our SEO clients, as all our sites have on-page optimization built in as part of our best practices. We can’t imagine making a site without a focus that aligns with your customers and their search intent to find you.


Q: What is SEO?

A: Search engine optimization is marketing for your company through your online presence. You attract more attention and often more sales conversions by improving your visibility on search engine result pages. Unlike a paid ad campaign through a traditional marketing agency, SEO digital marketing makes these improvements through your content and website elements. These adjustments grab the attention of search engines which can recommend your business to shoppers. Social media marketing and email marketing campaigns ensure the longevity and reach of your message.

Q: What are the benefits of SEO services?

A: You have spent a long time perfecting your craft, and it is only fair that your website helps you reach the people who need your services. Search engine optimization makes your webpage work for you. Making 8 Inc.’s variety of SEO services ensures you have a targeted and appealing message that converts to sales. Ranking on the first page of search engine results is critical to attracting and converting customers. We make sure that your page shows up in this necessary space. SEO results in you reaching your audience in their organic search and making your sales without having to focus on your online marketing 24/7.

Q: What are the pillars of SEO?

A: Showing your expertise, experience, authority, and trustworthiness is crucial to establishing yourself at the top of your field. Your website must be able to provide information that matches your customer’s search intent and needs. Content needs to be topical, helpful, and trusted to garner a lot of organic traffic. Making 8 Inc. will keep you reaching your readers with your message. SEO specialists pay continuous attention to keyword research and lead generation. We can strategize with you to ensure your site stays ahead of the rest in your industry.