Why You Need A Website

In this day and age anyone without a website isn’t going to be taken seriously in business. We have literally had clients come to me and say they lost sales just because they didn’t have a website even though they were meeting in person. Your company website isn’t just a brochure it’s your personal brand. Think of your site as a sales person that works for your business year-round, never messes up a sales pitch, and communicates effectively with otherwise unknown clients. The value of this is huge and as a result, successful companies recognize their website not only as an asset but as a member of their sales team that sells for them year round even while you sleep.

“68% of Canadians are online which makes up the highest per capita in the world. Canadians spend an average of 42 hours per month”. – CTV Dec 28, 2010

If your company isn’t making the web a priority then your business is literally old news. Get started

Why choose Making 8 to build your website?

Here at Making 8 we build custom websites into clean, navigable, market-directed assets, with usability, and UX (User eXperience) specific to your businesses unique target market. We use the same CMS (Content Management System) for our clients as some of the top sites online so that as you grow so can your site. Our sites are user-friendly and easily updated so that you can easily update content real-time. To give your website the best possible start all our sites are built using our SEO Blueprint. Some of our clients found over a third of their business came from our customized websites within just 3 months of optimizing their sites with this enhanced internet marketing plan. The bottom line your site is built for market exposure, brand recognition, and overall growth. If you want a company that does things right from the start go with Making 8. You’ll be glad you did.

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