Making 8 is an Calgary web design company that builds custom websites using state of the art Content Management Systems (CMS) that are search engine ready, user friendly, scalable, navigable, use responsive design and are easily updated real-time just like you would a word document. All our custom built websites are integrated with our SEO Blueprint marketing plan so that your site is built with the foundation for targeted leads, market directed design and relevant searchers. Years ago we built all our sites with a great user experience (UX) and saved them a fortune as a result.

These custom built websites come with web analytics so that you can immediately start recording your marketing campaign’s success and the essential business intelligence to maximize ROAS (Return On Ad Spend). Whether your focus is a custom company website or ecommerce platform we can help.

How much does a website cost

Our custom tailored websites start at as little as $5,000 which is the fraction of the cost of a phone book advertisement. Seriously, who likes picking up a dictionary to find next to no information anymore? If you were watching BNN recently then you also know that phone books are a thing of the past with the most popular company losing 97% of its stock value in 2013. A website, however, is a polished sales tool that never messes up the conversation and represents your company 24/7/365 a year. It’s important to put your right foot forward and even if you don’t like something with one of our website design content management systems you can easily update it real-time. At Making 8 we don’t just build websites we build presence.The difference between our sites and the typical web designer is we integrate search optimization and UX (User Experience) into every design for the highest conversion rate possible. If you’re looking to get a website with strong ROI, and an asset to help your company grow then start with Making 8. Our sites convert and will project your product service offering with pride.

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We’re Fluent in Many Scripting Languages

Our team is extremely experienced in web scripting and programming with no less than 10 years experience. Here’s our primary web development languages that we work with: JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, node.js LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). What this means is you can expect high attention to detail and the experience to help when you need it. Founder of Making 8 Adam Humphreys has been building sites and marketing them online since 2001.

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