Making 8 Inc. offers integrated digital marketing including managed SEO services, local SEO, link building, rank tracking, and overall content marketing with market directed focus for people actively searching for your product service offerings. Our Calgary SEO company will give your business a marketing advantage to put you in front of the crowd by being found first across search and social verticals. To get started call (780) 908-1874.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) also referred to as search marketing is the act of improving a sites online communication with users and search engines for relevant organic search engine results. It is both an art and science that has defined the online marketplace and business as we know it today. With search engine optimization you can expose your sites’ relevant content to users around the world and dramatically expand your market reach cost effectively. SEO is one of the most powerful ways of marketing a business and has one of the highest demonstrated ROI (Return On Investment)/ ROAS (Return On Ad Spend). With SEO services the marketplace can be evened out really fast where the little guy can become the giant with the right search professional help.

SEO involves optimizing a site for relevant keywords, links, site code, and site architecture. This is a healthy balance between communication for search engines and users. At Making 8 we use the SEO Blueprint for all our custom sites and SEO services to maintain focused KPI (Key Performance Indicators). Using ethical white hat methods, advanced marketing science, web analytics, SEO tools and training we’re able to continually improve relevant site traffic which usually results in targeted sales leads.

Search engine optimization is the foundation of internet marketing because it is used for Search Engine Marketing ( SEM ) Pay Per Click (PPC) Quality Score which defines your CPC (Cost Per Click) and ranking on Google / Bing paid advertising. SEO is also used as a foundation for SMO (Social Media Optimization) because the SEO Blueprint has important information that can advance your online presence dramatically. With that said search engine optimization is the first step to take in your internet marketing campaign.

Managed SEO Pricing

Managed SEO campaigns start at as low as $2000 per month and varies depending on the complexity and competitiveness of the target market. Whatever your budget may be it’s important to get started with a marketing plan and to be pointed in the right direction. At Making 8 it’s not about just the traffic to our customers sites but the increases to their bottom line. We use enhanced marketing science to build on your successes and adopt quickly to changes.

Take the first step in the right direction with a  consultation by calling (780) 908-1874 .

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