Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a form of internet marketing to promote online website exposure on relevant Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) using paid placement, PPC (Pay Per Click), Search Engine Optimization(SEO), and contextual advertising. While SEM is more expensive than SEO its aggressive nature of immediate search inclusion and ability to market websites across the web make it a top marketing tool for growing a new website’s exposure allowing for potentially immediate sales conversions. Applying search engine marketing properly can generate relevant traffic and leads in a timely manner making it one of the most popular marketing methods online.

The most cost effective way to start search engine marketing is to get an SEO Blueprint for relevant keywords, and market research to help raise the site quality score when applied properly. Quality score increases PPC (Pay Per Click) search rankings and lowers CPC (Cost Per Click). A negative keywords list, Google Analytics, and a managed search campaign by us can dramatically reduce costs resulting in higher ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) and ROI (Return On Investment). A negative keywords list isolates and identifies irrelevant keywords so that your PPC campaign remains on target and budget. An example for a negative keyword would be, “Horse Shoes” for someone that sells, “Tennis Shoes,” or “Men’s Dress Shoes.” The more accurate the campaign the higher the conversion is and the lower the website bounce rate.

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