Reputation Management

Making 8 Inc. has been offering reputation management since inception with our fully integrated marketing service packages. Whether you’re big or small if you’re not talking about your brand you can rest assured someone else is. It’s important to actively engage with people talking about your brand and to ensure that your clients are happy. Even when someone isn’t talking about your brand you should be to help be found for the product service offerings people are actively searching for. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a person who doesn’t do their research online today and if your brand doesn’t show up or is showing up as negative then you can be confident you’ll likely not be getting that business. Maintaining your presence from having a mobile-ready site to saying the right things are all part of the job. Essentially, your online presence is an extension of yourself and should be looked at as part of your workforce.

Public relations isn’t just about talking to people but also putting yourself out there even when you don’t need the business. People are looking to work for companies with great reputations for doing great work and that inspire them. One of the biggest problems most employers find is finding the ideal candidates to come work for them. If your branding reflects a company they’ll ideally want to work for then you’re instantly ahead of your competition.

Whether you need crisis management or want to actively engage with people talking about your brand online we can help you close more leads and engage with more people actively looking for your product service offering with our custom reputation management services catered to your exact needs.

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