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Local SEO

Search engine optimization and local SEO, the organic component of search engine results is what largely makes or breaks local businesses.  Most business owners think in terms of people searching their brand but when it comes to Google search outside of referrals it’s all about the local search intent of site visitors looking for very specific product/service offerings.

Google Business Profile, also formerly known as Google My Business, requires a lot of attention for  managing your local search business listings and more importantly being found for them. Fortunately, we do digital marketing for you to ensure your physical location and online presence to cover your service area ahead of your competitors. We follow the algorithm trends from Google and Bing so you can rest comfortably knowing your online presence is fully managed. We consider all the common local search ranking factors both internal and external when working on client sites. We build you a custom local SEO strategy specifically tailored to your business and client needs.

How Much Does Local SEO Cost?

Our local SEO pricing depends on needs, but you can expect to pay upwards of $750 monthly per location anywhere in North America. What sets one location apart from the next is the work required to get you ranking and the general competitiveness of the region. We perform full technical SEO, local SEO and content audits as part of the service package to fully outline what that looks like right away. We’ve found that most of our customers require copywriting to optimize and better target pages, according to what our local market research finds. Copywriting would be priced in separately typically but you’d know exactly what you’d need within our initial local SEO audit. With new clients, we require a minimum of 90 day commitment to ensure you get the most value from our work. After this unless otherwise specificed we’re month to month and you can cancel at any time with 30 days notice. The fact that some of or clients have been working with us since 2010 gives you a little bit of an idea of how confident in our work our clients are.

How Long Does Local SEO Take?

We’ve seen top local SEO results as fast as inside the day. A lot of it depends on Google and the popularity of the search engine query as well as what’s been done already. It’s a pretty good feeling to see top 10 results inside a couple days when everything goes perfectly but it can take up to 3 months from the time of new content and main adjustments applied because of the complex way Google indexer sorts out web pages. Google’s crawl rate often depends on the integrity, authority of your site, and popularity of the search query people are using. We have ways of getting Google to see new content but realistically 3-6 months from the time of web page changes is when you should start to see your site really improve. While nobody can guarantee top Google results we can tell you it’s never been more obvious to us what the local SEO ranking factors are. 

Google Maps

Start getting people to search for you locally by getting positive reviews and start being seen on mobile searches, which make up a majority of searches for local business owners. If you’ve ever seen what’s known as the map pack up top, aka map pack, you’ll want to show up first there as it’s generally the first impression people get of your business.

Business Profiles Management

We offer local SEO audits to optimize your local search presence so you can start showing up for the exact services you want to be known for from people actively searching for your product service offerings. Whether it’s Apple Business Connect, Bing Places for Business or Google Business Profile, we have your local business presence covered. Whether you’re a small business or franchise with thousands of locations, we’ve got local SEO strategies to manage and optimize your local business profiles to put them ahead of the crowd, even against serious competitors with serious reviews. Every detail from the business owner type, date started products to accessibility entered in full with the right information is critical.

Local Business Citations

We run local SEO tools to ensure you’re covered with all the local directories to make your business location stand out on the map pack and, more importantly, in front of your competitors. We’ll input your business information into business directories and clean up your NAP to ensure you stand out. We use our local SEO tools to align your local area intent with your relevant local customers. At the end of the day, users are looking for local content that matches local intent, like your service in your city. We’ll ensure that we use the appropriate local keywords and local service descriptions that match the common intent through keyword research.

Local Search Presence

Most business owners don’t have the time to do social media marketing, directories, link building and monitor their local search results, never mind cleaning up their phone numbers across the web for directories. When it comes to showing up in the SERPS (Search Engine Result Pages) locally, you will need your name, phone number, and address, all consistently put across platforms with backlinks known as local business citations. Consider directories we all love to hate, like Yelp and thousands of others looking for your business name. You’ll want to ensure your Google search presence is consistent to gain more authority.

NAP Management and Cleanup

Name, Address, Phone number, aka NAP, needs to be consistent across the web; deviations in these details after a move could hamper the effectiveness of your local online presence. We offer NAP cleanup services, so you show up first for your business and, more importantly, so nobody else can misrepresent your business by taking your local listing.

Local SEO Keyword Research

When it comes to knowing what services you offer to the common searcher looking for that specific thing, your on-page strategy has to be perfect to show up in the organic results. There is probably no single part of online marketing that will generate more leads for you than search optimization more cost-effectively.

Local SEO Tips To Rank Higher on Google:

Prompt Service

Answering your phone and any messages promptly is key to getting pushed ahead of slow-to-respond competitors in Google local pack, also known as the map pack.

Negative Review Management

If you want to do well in the long term on the local pack results, you’ll inevitably get a bad review, and it’s best to respond immediately with an authentic empathetic response that doesn’t divulge any of their personal details. More often than not, we’ve found that a majority if followed up by a call, will remove their negative review from your local listing.

Consistent Local Business Listings

Being consistent in your hours, services, and descriptions, especially your NAP, will make you more likely to appear on top of search engine results.

Local SEO Ranking Factors

Local SEO ranking factors include responsiveness to calls, client reviews, responsiveness to any form of contact, consistent information across NAP and profile details across the web and highly focused content that closely matches your local business profiles. Google considers consistency across local link directories, known as business citations, to be an important consideration on whether to trust a local business enough to put them on top of the map pack.

Google’s ranking is based on Experience, Expertise, Authority, and Trust among hundreds of signals. You’ll want to showcase all of this with complete marketing signals to stand out in front. Google largely weighted their local signals in local SEO to serve excellent customer service and is looking for consistent behaviours rather than fly-by-night operations, which tend to be inconsistent. We know exactly what that looks like and have mentored hundreds of businesses, from SMBs to enterprises, over the past 20 years. Incomplete profiles do not look good to users nor signal to Google that you’re trustworthy. If you’re confused, reach out; we can help manage this for you!

On-Page SEO

Potential customers will be looking at your website, so your on-page content strategy for local SEO has to very closely match the services and product service listings on your Google Business Profile listing. Our keyword research through NLP Natural Language Processing uses search queries across the most competitive regions in North America, giving us the exact terms we need to match what Google/Bing are actively looking for when users commonly go to find your business product service offerings.

Link Building for Local SEO

Local link building and local citations are the ultimate signal to search engines like Google and Bing that you’re an authentic business worthy of putting in front of potential customers. Getting the right links from the right places can be time-consuming, but we’ve got that down to a science at this point and can handle the heavy lifting for you. It’s unlikely that most fake listings would go to the trouble of Yellow Pages and other important local listings if they were fake. Putting in the effort in these areas is the trust symbol Google seeks to authenticate your business.

Local SEO Audit

We have mastered local SEO and have our own proprietary local SEO audit we use to work with businesses and agencies alike to get businesses’ online search presence in the map pack to stand out ahead of the crowd. Missing the small details can be the difference between the first and last. A common misconception about local SEO is that you’ll only show up for the services listed in the first few spots, but the truth is that Google scans your websites and others to discover what your business is about. In our local SEO audit, we’ll verify and check through to ensure you show up first in the map pack by hitting all the local search signals.

Local SEO Schema

Location schema structured markup and a KML sitemap are one of the many factors one needs to consider when ranking locally with the on-page strategy. It allows Google to pull the information from the page and ensure it aligns with the location profiles. If they’re consistent, it’s another signal of trustworthiness, a ranking factor to search engines.

Local Business Profile Management

Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile GBP, formerly Google My Business listing GMB, will be one of your most clicked-on and highly converting pieces of marketing online locally at the very lowest cost. If you want your Google Business Listing to stand out, you’ll need help, and we’ve been doing this for our customers since it first came out when it was originally named Google Places in 2008. Yes, that’s right, Google’s now changed its name 3 times, and we’ve seen it all! What remains the same is consistency and maintaining strong, consistent quality in your online marketing efforts. So whether you’re still calling it Google Places or GMB listing, we don’t mind as long. We’ve got you covered as you want to optimize your local listing and grow your search presence.

Apple Business Connect

The newest addition in the local marketing space is Apple Business Connect which requires your DUNs and Bradford number to be entered with relevant authenticating business documents. Consider that over half of all searches online are conducted through mobile phones, half of which are on iPhones. As Apple Business Connect is fairly new, you’ll want to jump on board and trailblaze with us as we stand out in front of the crowd gaining you new leads with little to no effort!

Bing Places for Business

Many businesses don’t know this, but over 10% of all searches are conducted through Bing and having a Bing Places for Business Profile is low-hanging fruit to rank over competitors that have ignored one of the cheapest forms of marketing with generally the least amount of competition.