How to See If Stores Are Busy Using Google

If you’re like me you’re probably not a big fan of going to places during peak hours never mind during a pandemic like there is currently you’re going to really appreciate social distancing. You can use this for theme parks, pools, local locations and pretty much anywhere people frequent often. If you’re a parent and you want to get in and out of the stores faster this is a great way to know how busy local venues are.

I’ve used this strategy for years to avoid peak store hours at gyms, stores, and other popular locations which has often also resulted in an excellent customer experience.I often plan my days out around this feature. Watch the video below to see how I check to see how busy local stores using Google and Google Maps.

You can also determine the best local gas prices which as you can see right now are absolutely excellent using Google Search and Google Maps.

Google uses Google My Business locations and geotargeting from cellphone users to determine how many people in stores at any time. So long as you have a Google My Business location setup (free), your store hours and moderately decent history with having this listing up you should start to see trends for your listing so customers can visit you when you’re not busy.

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