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"As an SEO of 20 years, I’ll help you accomplish your marketing goals and operate  transparently. Call to discuss getting immediate, measured, and verified sales leads."
- Founder Adam Humphreys

An SEO Agency Built on Referrals

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A Calgary Marketing Agency With Internationally Demonstrated Results

Making 8 Inc. is a fully managed Canadian SEO marketing agency based in Calgary, Alberta. We’ve been serving companies around the globe since 2009.

Connect your business with people actively looking for your product and service offerings in real time using our comprehensive marketing plans built to suit you. Our primary ways of attracting leads include sustainable search engine optimization (SEO), local SEOtechnical SEO audits, SEO copywriting, and custom website design.

If the above sounds technical, don’t worry. Our internet marketing reports are easily interpreted with goal conversions and ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) metric tracking. We actively work with decision-makers to build the strategy that works for you. You get comprehensive reports that are easily shared with your team so you can continue to focus on what moves the meter in your business.

We start everyone with a kickstart meeting to establish key performance indicators (Goals), understand your needs and build a comprehensive marketing plan around aligning your market focus with the intent of customers actively looking for your offerings regardless of budget. No matter our client’s experience with marketing, we keep our marketing services comprehensive so they can be shared with anyone surrounding making decisions that impact your bottom line. 

It's time to get more out of your internet marketing budget!

Content and SEO Copywriting Services

Paired with our high-quality content, our SEO strategy, which our in-house SEO copywriter prepares for you, will attract prequalified consumers actively looking for your product service offerings. Our marketing efforts start with compelling keyword research from manual oversight, machine learning and NLP (Natural Language Processing) to give you exacting intelligence to grow your online presence, organic traffic and the best possible marketing results with the highest ROAS. All our content is human-written (no AI writers) to solve your audience’s problems and bring you more prequalified sales leads.

Start getting marketing done that people will write case studies about!

A Digital Marketing Agency That Cares!

Even when working with small businesses local SEO through enterprise SEO, we use many of the same approaches to results-driven web pages that we take full accountability for through attribution from analytics to conversion reporting through Google Analytics and call tracking software. Everything from our web hosting providers to digital marketing services is top quality to ensure maximum uptime and sustainable user experiences for your customers. Our lead generation produces search engine results that drive in customers who are educated and ready to buy through our well-thought-out content strategy. Our SEO results surpass that often of some of the largest companies through an agile approach to results-driven accountability and web development that adheres to technical SEO best practices. Our know-how was built on both successes and failures.

SEO Services

We can appreciate you’ve probably been bombarded in your email by every supposed SEO expert claiming to be the best SEO agency in Canada. With over 20 years of experience, we can say that we’ve demonstrated ourselves enough to let our work speak for itself. We’ve closely followed the algorithm trends, and marketing trends more than enough to know which backlinks that work. Our SEO marketing efforts are focused closely on best practices rather than the quick buck, which leaves companies burned. Our link-building is based on foundational best practices, starting with amazing, well-focused content that makes your business stand out.

Our on-page SEO and off-page methodology are built around best-in-class work processes defined over two decades. Our SEO campaigns and online marketing practices are built through hard work by tested SEO specialists with lifelong careers in SEO. Your client’s user experience from ad campaigns focuses on building brand awareness for you and representing you well from start to finish. Our digital marketing strategy from Google Search to Bing focuses on in-depth content structured to drive inbound traffic from users looking for specific product service offerings.

Our project management from the marketing managers to SEO copywriters doing content creation through site design pairs with team members designated to you. Our marketing team knows public relations, digital strategy, whether that’s brand awareness on Linkedin through tastefully laid out landing pages for brand awareness. Our content triage prepares you from small-scope to large international projects by landing with the heaviest-hitting pieces that move the meter first. Whether you need influencer marketing for e-commerce to your agency we have the right marketing experts to get the job done right the first time.

Search Engine Marketing

We absolutely love search engine marketing as an advertising agency with Google doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and managed pay-per-click SEM services with Google Ads and Microsoft Ads. We use strategic on-page landing page optimization and conversion rate optimization to ensure your organic and paid rankings are high. Our digital advertising platforms show full customer journeys from ads through phone calls for email marketing form fills. Our marketing campaigns are based on overcoming client’s objectives and pain points to provide you with those perfectly prequalified clients who are educated about your product service offering.

While we do marketing for SMBs to enterprise Fortune 500 companies, the one thing that remains consistent with everyone is we demonstrate all our work with custom reports from our marketing science just for you. We operate transparently with our marketing strategy and care about you getting total value from our services. Our marketing solutions are just as good for startups as for Fortune companies. Whether your target audience is North America or internationally, our experience in local through to international SEO will guide you through the perfect marketing results you expect from your ad spend.

Purpose-Driven SEO that Converts

Where most design agency campaigns fail is focusing too strongly on the design and not enough on the customer’s needs. Our websites, through graphic design work, is tastefully thought out with true intent and purpose, from responsiveness to lightening page speed to give the results you’d expect from top digital marketing agencies. Our website design considers UX (User Experience), accessibility, technical SEO, and, most importantly, the end user’s needs through a well-thought-out content strategy masterfully put together page by page by our copywriters. All pages have compelling calls to action above the viewable fold so no user is ever confused about the next steps to doing business with you. As your marketing partner you can grow with us as part of your business team.

Get in front of the crowd with our custom-built WordPress sites that typically load in under a second on desktop and under 2 on mobile to pass Google’s all-important Core Web Vitals with our page speed optimization services.

We can integrate your video production work and social media marketing efforts into a website that shows up across search verticals. Where most design agency campaigns fail is focusing too strongly on the design and not enough on the customer’s needs. We are partnered with social media management agencies so that you can take that stress away to focus back on your business and bottom line.

Founder Adam Humphreys has worked in digital marketing since 2001 and taught search marketing worldwide.

Values at Making 8:

  • Honesty and being direct with our clients about realistic outcomes at all times
  • Making sure integrated marketing work gets done fully and completely the first time
  • Building long-term relationships with our clients. All our business comes from referrals
  • Including our clients in the marketing decision process in comprehensive marketing reports you can share with your team confidently
  • Going beyond the marketing tech to amplify client vision from start to finish in a non-conventional manner that competes against some of the world’s largest organizations cost-effectively
  • Measured marketing results via analytics and advanced tracking metrics from phone calls to form fills that demonstrate true value from all ad spend